Event Design

An event, whether stand alone or part of an integrated campaign, is an unprecedented opportunity for an organization to create an immersive experience around a brand, a message, a common goal, a question, or a community.

It is experiential storytelling.

See some of our Event and Production Design in the Event Gallery. 

It is theater and environment, it is learning and play, it is contribution and sharing each unique to that moment. That Unforgettable Experience. 

We begin work by posing fundamental questions about culture and purpose. Together we discover what ’the intended outcome’ is, and then we centralize that outcome around a unifying concept and narrative. From that point we think systematically and design every interaction and environment to support, provoke and delight that concept and story line into tangibility. 

Each experience is  woven into  the core story line. By leveraging our experience with all types of media, technologies, and architectures we shape deeply sensory atmospheres that engage the heart, and the intellect. If there is a medium or specialty we can’t execute, we have a world class short list of consultants who can. 

Pulling off big events requires budget sign offs, committed in-house stakeholders, corporate sponsors, in-kind donors, team leaders, sub-contrators and labor. We get that, so we build pre-visualizations and craft presentations that paint the picture for your organization each step of the way. Then, like building a large building, we lead teams up to the final ribbon cutting. The Experience.