The Cube

The Cube is a 4 sided 3D rear projection system consisting of 4, 8 foot wide screens. Designed by Bill and Jeff as the centerpiece of a much larger experience installation, The Cube premiered at TEDx Austin in February of 2013. The Cube utilizes Bill’s custom made video files, projection mapping and iPad interactivity that allow the image to seamlessly wrap all four sides of the volume. Because The Cube’s unique rear projection design, it not only allows the viewer to view the content seamlessly, but also to interact with it without any obstruction or shadows that break the plane of illusion.  High demand for The Cube necessitated a redesign to handle the rigors of the event staging world, which led to a partnership with Green Hat Event Technology. The innovative design allows The Cube to fit into two road cases for easy shipment and can be setup in less than an hour.  We are currently exploring multiple avenues, technology upgrades, and content opportunities for The Cube.

The Cube being assembled Division of Wonder The Cube ready to ship by Division of Wonder The Cube ships in just 2 road cases and can be set up in 30 minutes

For event rental and purchase: 

Please contact Division of Wonder for schedule of fees and costs.