Video Design

We have long been enthralled with digital video, starting back with early masters like Bill Viola. The medium is now at a wonderful junction: Youtube and electronic music imagery have shaped public appetite for abstraction, and the digital toolset we’ve used for ten years is increasing in power. Add to this the burgeoning areas of video performance and projection mapping and it really gets good. Why does much of it look the same? Contrast. Contour. Hills and Valleys. Amazing high energy footage becomes a Truckload of Boring when presented without contrast. It’s dazzling, but gives little calories for the journey. Our interest is in using video to shape ordinary experience into something beautifully new.  Here is a collection of clips we’ve created recently, all of which are part of much longer works.  

Coming soon we hope to show some of the 32 foot by 8 foot wide video we have developed for use within The Cube.