A fruitful collision of minds and spirit…


Jeff Sharpe is an award-winning architect and designer. He has designed, built, and produced leading buildings, environments, and productions around the world. His work sits squarely at the intersection of purpose, intention, and atmosphere and together they form a substantive body of deeply visceral and meaningful experiences. As an in-demand consultant and public speaker, Jeff seizes upon the connective tissue between design, anthropology, sociology, and storytelling. He helps major corporations, educational institutions, and nonprofits understand how systemic thinking and intentional design help us re-envision the traditional boundaries of learning, productivity, and creativity. He has led projects for major brands including Nestlè, Sprint, Energizer, Buick, Donna Karan, and the NFL. His lifelong pursuit is to interlace cinema, design and architecture into holistic structures that offer sublime sensory experiences.

Bill LA Copy 2

Bill Burgess  is the son of a abstract sculptor, and grew up immersed in the installation art world of the 80’s. An innate hunger for creative expression and a natural aptitude with computers led to a successful career at the forefront of music creation software. A recognized Los Angeles media expert, he was hired by Apple Inc. to liaison with the top 1% of music and audio professionals worldwide and harness those findings into future product roadmaps. Bill has pitched intelligent design and brand innovation to multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Best Buy, Southwest Airlines, Motorola, Hilton and JCPenney. As a musician and composer Bill has toured on 3 continents, produced 25 records and has composed music for NBC, Disney and Apple. He has designed and executed multiple video/music/media “experiences” and installations in Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, Austin and Denver. Bill wants to use cutting edge media tools to serve the story, rather than the opposite.

Two like minds, saying NO to perfection, one day at a time.